1 GM 22KT Gold Coin
Price : INR 5516/-

Booking Amount
INR 1103/-
(20% of INR 5516)

2 GM 22KT Gold Coin
Price : INR 10980/-

Booking Amount
INR 2196/-
(20% of INR 10980)

5 GM 22KT Gold Coin
Price : INR 27372/-

Booking Amount
INR 5474/-
(20% of INR 27372)

10 GM 22KT Gold Coin
Price : INR 54642/-

Booking Amount
INR 10928/-
(20% of INR 54642)

20 GM 22KT Gold Coin
Price : INR 109283/-

Booking Amount
INR 21857/-
(20% of INR 109283)

50 GM 22KT Gold Coin
Price : INR 270633/-

Booking Amount
INR 54127/-
(20% of INR 270633)

Terms & Conditions

  • Purchased Gold Coin has to be collected from any of our showrooms within 10 days from date of booking.
  • Please present all digital payment details, Govt ID proof, WhatsApp Message or Mail at the time of delivery.
  • Online acknowledgement slip is valid subject to successful realisation of payment.
  • If the purchase is not made within the stipulated period, ie, 10 days from the date of booking, then the amount paid will be treated as an advance only, and the gold rate will be as on date of purchase.
  • This benefit cannot be clubbed with any other offer.
  • All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Kolkata High Court.
  • The above terms are subject to modification at the discretion of the management and all conditions will be binding.